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Illuminated-Light Computer Keyboard, Wireless

Price: $169.95
Item Number: LOG-920002359
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LOGITECH, K800 Wireless Illuminated, Light-up computer Keyboard, Unifying Receiver, Work easily day or night with this illuminated rechargeable keyboard that automatically adjusts to brightness in room. Back-lit keys provide precise illumination of characters only, rather than the entire key, for less distraction. Hand proximity detection turns illumination on or off when hands approach/depart keyboard area. The PerfectStroke™ key system and Incurve Keys™ offer comfortable, smooth, and whisper-quiet typing on the full-size keyboard. Keyboard has rechargeable batteries to eliminate disposable battery waste; on/off switch conserves battery power. The long-range Unifying receiver is small enough to stay plugged in and supports keyboard and compatible mouse. This slim-designed keyboard stands upright when not in use to conserve desk space. Light-Up, Glow Lit key boards.