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Presentation Remote Laser Pointer

Price: $64.95
Item Number: KMW-33374
KENSINGTON : Wireless Presentation Remote with Built-In Laser Pointers. Sleek, wireless remote lets you control the presentation and move about. Effective from up to 100 ft. indoors and 50 ft. outdoors. Compatible with most multimedia projectors, laptops/PCs; no additional software required. Four-button fuctionality. Ergonomic design, easy to hold and carry in pocket/purse. Requires Windows® 98SE or higher. Built-in Class 2 laser pointer, the newest wave in laser pointer technology. This lower powered laser, designed for safe use by responsible adults, allows the body's natural defenses to protect the eyes. (It is never acceptable to intentionally look directly into any laser pointer beam.) Can be used in many venues that currently ban Class 3A laser pointers, such as government installations and schools.